You can make your own stuffed burgers with this burger press gadget

StufZ / JML

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Whether we can believe it or not, August is nearly upon us and that means summer barbecue season is sure to be in full swing soon enough.

Providing the classic Mancunian rainy weather allows it, of course.

If you’re looking to take your BBQ game up a notch this year, then you can’t really go wrong with stuffed burger patties, can you? Even better, we’ve found a stuffed burger press machine on JML and it claims to have you creating the “perfect burgers in seconds” right from the comfort of your own home.

The StufZ Stuffed Burger Press Maker is designed to “give your homemade burgers a new dimension”.

According to the product description on the JML website, the gadget lets you “build your burger with room inside for your favourite fillings [before] toping and sealing [it] for perfect results ready for the BBQ or grill”.

StufZ / JML

How exactly does it work though? It’s simple:

  1. “Add 1/3 cup of any ground meat or bean to the bottom of the Stufz, close the lid and press down firmly to create your patty.
  2. Once you have your burger base, you can add all sorts of fillings such as bacon and Swiss cheese or for a healthy option put in low fat cheese and fresh vegetables.
  3. Flatten the rest of your burger meat on the top of the StufZ lid, close and press.
  4. Once you have your burger firmly stuck together, open the top and simply ‘pop’ out your custom burger, sealed and ready for cooking.”
StufZ / JML

The StufZ Stuffed Burger Press Maker is easy to use, ideal for making any beef, chicken, turkey or vegetarian/vegan bean-based burgers, is completely customisable to fit your appetite and is dishwasher safe too for practical cleaning.

It’s also currently retailing at just £11.99, so it’s not a bank-breaker either.

If you fancy sticking homemade stuffed burgers on your BBQ menu this summer time, you can get your hands on the StufZ Stuffed Burger Press Maker via the JML website here.

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