You can now get tea that actually tastes like chocolate digestives

Bird & Blend

Biscuits and tea were made to go together. They’re a perfect pairing like fish & chips, bread & butter or cheese & crackers. Having one without the other never feels quite right.

We’re all in agreement on that.

But the choice of sweet snack to go with that delicious brew? That’s a real hullaballoo.

The tea-dunking debacle remains as rife today as ever before – with heated debate over which bicky is best for dipping into hot drinks.

If you’re on Team Digestive, however – this new type of tea is for you.

John-Mark Smith / Pexels

Bird & Blend have created a brew that already tastes just like chocolate biscuits – meaning you’ll get a hit of melted sugar with every sip and not have to worry about leaving soggy crumbs at the bottom of your mug.

Made with Sri Lankan black tea, cocoa nibs, cocoa shells, fenugreek, liquorice, cardamom and natural flavouring, the tea apparently contains a “smooth cocoa hit with a chocolatey biscuit base” – allowing you to whip up a smooth, velvety cuppa in minutes.

Bird & Blend have published instructions online on how to tune this type of tea just right, and you can pick up a pack from their website.


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