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Dog owner’s plea to help save beloved Staffy suffering unexplained seizures

"I genuinely think without Hugo, I would not be here."

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 24th June 2021

A desperate dog owner from Manchester is appealing to the public to help fund research into the cause of her beloved pup’s unexplained seizures.

Morgan Dale and her blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Hugo have an incredible bond.

Not only is he her cherished pet, but she also credits him for saving her life by pulling her back from the brink following a suicide attempt. Now, Morgan is trying to return the favour and get her poorly pup the help he needs after he suffered some “terrifying” seizures – something vets are aiming to get to the bottom of.

Two-year-old Hugo’s seizures started a few weeks ago, and then more recently, he had two in the space of four hours.

He is currently being treated for possible epilepsy, but Morgan has been told that it could potentially be a brain tumour and this is something she won’t know until an investigative MRI has been carried out alongside an Ultrasound scan on his heart and other internal organs.


But this costs money – and it’s a lot more than is currently covered by Morgan’s insurance.

“I genuinely think without Hugo, I would not be here [and] I say this all the time [but] this dog saved my life,” Morgan told Team Dogs.

Hugo has suffered some “terrifying” seizures over the past few weeks / Credit: Morgan Dale

Fearing that she may have to give her pup up for adoption if she is unable to find the funds for the scans, Morgan has set up a GoFundMe page with the target of raising £2,000 and is asking anybody who can spare a few pounds to consider donating towards Hugo’s treatment.

“He’s just not the same dog,” Morgan added.

“He’s just really sad, he seems depressed [and] he just constantly wants to just chill.


“Obviously after the seizures as well, he was absolutely terrified. He doesn’t know who I am, he wouldn’t let me near him. He was running away from me, hiding. He was just absolutely terrified and it was traumatic, traumatic for me and him.”

Having contacted various charities, Morgan now faces losing precious Hugo for good as if she cannot raise enough money to fund his MRI, she will have no choice but to sign him over to a charity that is able to pay for treatment.

Morgan Dale and her blue Staffy named Hugo share an incredible bond / Credit: Morgan Dale

Morgan continued: “Basically, once I sign that paperwork, I’ll never see him ever again [so] I just hope to god that I can get it so that he can stay with me, because I don’t want to stress him out.

“I just love him so much… and I just couldn’t imagine being without him.”

If you would like to contribute to Hugo’s treatment costs and help reach the £2,000 target, you can donate via Morgan’s GoFundMe page here.

Featured Image – Morgan Dale