The Manc - This is why you’re seeing rainbows in windows across the UK today"

This is why you’re seeing rainbows in windows across the UK today

Mikal Ludlow

Thousands of children across the world hanging rainbows in their windows to brighten up people's day.

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, all schools across the UK closed on Friday, leaving many parents/carers reverting to home learning from today.

With no official confirmation as to when schools are to re-open and the social distancing measures highly advised by the government set to go on for the forseeable, children are facing what could be months at home with little to do.

Eager to spark creativity with learning and lift the mood of the world during dark times, this has lead many parents/carers and children to join in with the 'Believe in Rainbows' initiative and display a rainbow in their window for others to spot.

The 'Believe in Rainbows' Facebook group currently has over 80,000 members from across the world.

Zoe Shakespeare

With getting some fresh air and taking walks being one of the most favourable leisure activities, this trend, which sees people spot the pictures as they go on social distancing walks around their local communities, has very much gone viral.

Thousands of pictures are posted daily.

The group admin at 'Believe in Rainbows' said:
Our children soon won’t be able to see their friends. Create a rainbow picture to display in your window so that children can go rainbow spotting whilst out for walks."
Sarah Tickell

Similarly, the #FromMyWindow and #ChaseTheRainbow hashtags on Twitter are also full pictures of people from across the word adorning their windows with colour to lift the mood during such testing times.

This movement is believed to have originated in Spain as an activity encouraging children to harness their creativity during lockdown.

The idea soon caught on and began to be adopted not just up and down the UK, but across the world.

Have been on a rainbow walk in Greater Manchester? How many did you spot?

Send us your pictures and help lift the mood!

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