The Manc - Woman discovers the plant she'd been watering for two years is actually fake"

Woman discovers the plant she’d been watering for two years is actually fake

Caelie Wilkes

When she went to re-pot it, she realised that it wasn’t real.

Plant-lover Caelie Wilkes was left devastated to find out that the succulent she had been taking care of for two years was actually a fake.

In a post on an indoor plant group Facebook page, she admitted to watering the plant religiously, ensuring it got the right amount of sunlight and regularly cleaning the leaves for a full two years before arriving at the realisation that it was in fact artificial all along.

It was only when she decided that it was probably time to re-pot the plant and found the perfect sized vase for it that she discovered it wasn’t real.

Caelie Wilkes

Caelie said: "I just wanted to keep good care of it. I absolutely loved my succulent." but now feels “like these last two years have been a lie” and is questioning just how she managed to be in the dark for so long.

Luckily for Caelie, she had plenty of fellow plant-lovers coming forward to reassure her she isn’t the only one to have made this very mistake before with one user claiming: “My dad watered one of my mum's plants for a year after she died not realising it was fake. We had a good laugh about it, I bet mum had a good chuckle upstairs too”.

House plants might be really popular at the moment, but it seems we're not all cut out for the green thumb life.

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