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An immersive Halloween drive-in cinema is coming to Manchester

Park N Party - the team behind a series of sell-out drive-in cinema and theatre performances throughout summer - are hosting immersive Halloween events this October.

The Manc The Manc - 15th September 2020

An immersive drive-in cinema – with live actors lurking in the shadows – is coming to Manchester this Halloween.

A supernatural force is set to to descend on EventCity – with passengers peeking out from behind their windscreens as performers hover around a huge screen showing the world’s scariest horror films.

Launched by Park N Party – the team behind the sell-out series of drive-in cinema and theatre performances throughout summer – ScareCity will feature a bumper programme of Halloween classics for both adults and children. 

All vehicles are tasked with driving through a terrifying ‘scare tunnel’ packed with plenty of surprises, before parking up for the movie.

The Conjuring / SlashFilm

Older audiences can brave screenings of The Conjuring, It and The Ring, whilst kids can enjoy spooky classics from the comfort of the car like Coraline, Hocus Pocus and Coco.


Movies will be beamed out across several large screens at the Trafford Park venue from October 12 right up until November 1.

The full event schedule is as follows:

DateHow many shows Film
12/10/202019pmThe Invisible Man
13/10/202019pmThe Ring
15/10/202019pmGet Out
16/10/202019pmBlair Witch Project
17/10/2020312, 4pm, 8pmFrankenweenie/Beetlejuice/US
18/10/2020312, 4pm, 8pmGoosebumps/28 Days Later/The Hills Have Eyes
19/10/202019pmThe Conjuring
21/10/202019pmThe Conjuring 2
22/10/202019pmAnnabelle Creation
23/10/202026pm & 9pmHocus Pocus / The Nun
24/10/2020312 , 4pm , 8pmCoraline/The Curse of La Llorona/ Annabelle Comes Home
25/10/2020312, 4pm, 8pmMonster House/The Grudge/ The Exorsit
26/10/202024pm & 8pmIt/Crawl
27/10/202024pm & 8pmIt Chapter 2/The Lighthouse
28/10/202024pm & 8pmScary Movie/Paranormal Activity
29/10/202024pm & 8pmThe Witch/Cabin in the Woods
30/10/202026pm & 9pmChilds Play/ The Decent
31/10/2020312, 4pm, 8pmCoco/The Invisible Man/ Halloween (2018)
01/11/202024pm  & 8pmThe Haunted Mansion/ The Ring

Tickets are priced at £35 per vehicle.

You can reserve your spot at ScareCity online now via Eventbrite.

Food and drink is also available to purchase on site; with serving distributed via fully-compliant with COVID-19 safety precautions.