The Manc - A full blown party for chips is coming to Manchester"

A full blown party for chips is coming to Manchester

There's an age-old argument in the north that's doomed to rumble on forever. 

We've always squabbled about the correct name for the white, floury stuff you put chips inside (barm? breadcake? bap? bun? butty? muffin?) and we always will.

But as for the chips themselves? We're all in agreement here: Large piles as often as possible, please.

That's why we're getting giddy at an upcoming Manchester event dedicated entirely to deep-fried potatoes.


Chips Glorious Chips hits the city on Saturday 1st August for a five-hour fiesta celebrating the nation's favourite food in all its fantastic formats.

The event is set to be a full-blown potato party - serving every type of chip from crinkle-cut and shoestring to wedges and French Fries.

Of course, there'll be a wide array of sauces in which to soak up your chips, along with a selection of soft drinks and cocktails to quench your thirst.

A DJ will also be spinning tunes throughout - with the location (kept under wraps for now) being unveiled closer to the date.

Acid Pix/Flickr

Visit the event page on Design My Night for tickets and information  – it's also advised to sign up for tickets so you can get first access when they are released.

Probably best not to bother having tea before you come out that evening.

And yes - it's tea. Not dinner.

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