A ‘super-realistic’ plane crash simulator is coming to the UK


Flying isn't for everyone, however flight simulators can be enjoyed by anyone – except this one, for obvious reasons.

There is a 'super-realistic' plane crash simulator coming to the UK next month which lets people experience a full on plane crash. Seriously.

It's called FLIGHT, and is of course, ‘not recommended for people of a nervous disposition’.

The simulator is created by a company called Darkfield, who fuse technology and theatre to create next-level immersive experiences.

It takes place in a 40ft shipping container that’s been transformed into a dark Boeing 707 that comes equipped with 'binaural 360 degree sound and sensory effects' that will put you in the centre of an intense and evolving narrative.

The immersive experience lasts for 30 minutes and involves realistic movement, advanced sound sensation and fast-paced performances which will terrify the living daylights out of you.


Unfortunately, there are no current plans to bring FLIGHT to Manchester, however, you will be able to experience it for yourself if you're up for heading down to Nottingham.

If you're brave enough, find out more info and grab tickets on their website here.

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