A Wizard’s Cocktail Festival has magically appeared in Manchester

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An enchanting magical event has mysteriously appeared in Manchester... luring unsuspecting citizens inside with bubbling cauldrons of sweet-smelling cocktails. 

This enigmatic festival is a door to a magical world of music, magic and potion-making - with a wide array of alcoholic concoctions available for anyone brave enough to step inside.

An entry pass entitles guests to a curious-sounding "welcome wizard drink" and three tokens that can be exchanged for drinks or activities like tarot card reading and wand crafting.

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However, to gain access to this weird and wonderful world - you'll need to make sure you look the part.

The festival is set to be a melting pot of witches and wizards from afar - so don your best robes and dress to impress.

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Tickets are set to vanish as quickly as they've appeared - with limited availability for one day on 6 June.

As for the location? This will be whispered to ticket-holders in the days before...

In the meantime, you can find out more about one of Manchester's most adventurous events in years here.

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