Manchester is hosting its very own Friends themed-brunch

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Fancy starring in your very own episode of Friends?

Now you can. The One Where They All Went For Brunch - an exclusive Friends-themed 90-minute dining session - is being hosted in Manchester.

That title alone should be enough to tempt you, but if not, here are ten other reasons why you should consider grabbing a ticket.

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1. You get a banging brunch

This is no ordinary late morning meal. There is some seriously good grub available - with options that cater for everyone. Word of warning, though: You might end up so full you'll have to PIVOT out the door later on.

2. Bottomless drinks are available

There's the chance to upgrade your ticket for a full hour's worth of endless drinks during the brunch. Just don't end up staggering home like Chandler after his fight with Kathy.

3. You get to dress up as your favourite character

That's right - everyone is encouraged to don the attire of their best-loved star of the series. We've all got our own. So, who will you be coming as?

4. The food is Friends-themed

Not Rachel's trifle (she wasn't supposed to put beef in it) - but there will be some classic recipes being whipped up that you might remember from the show. Let's hope Monica's in the kitchen... and it doesn't taste like feet.

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5. There'll be a bit of music

A rendition of Smelly Cat might just come out at some point during the brunch. Remember the lyrics?

6. You might meet your lobster

You may not have found your Ross or Rachel yet - but a brunch with other Friends enthusiasts could be the perfect setting...

7. You get to prove that YOU are the No. 1 friends’ fan

A quiz will be taking place during the brunch - so you can finally confirm your status as the ultimate Friends aficionado. About time.

8. There are prizes up for grabs

Yup. If you're lucky, you'll return home with a piece of classic Friends memorabilia.

9. You'll create great memories with your own friends

If you share a mutual love of TV's classic comedy with your pals, this will prove to be a gathering you won't forget for years. Lots of pictures are encouraged.

10. You can keep Friends alive

The beloved show may be long gone, but here you can immerse yourself in nostalgia and keep the spirit of Friends alive.

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But this is all a moo point. Like a cow's opinion: It doesn't matter.

Just grab your tickets here and reserve your spot.

The brunch takes place on 11 April in a secret location. Could you be any more excited?

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