Clint Boon steps down from radio after nearly 30 years on the air

End of an era.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 27th November 2023

Manc music legend and long-serving DJ Clint Boon has announced that he is stepping down from his role on XS Manchester and radio in general after nearly three decades on the airwaves.

Confirming the decision to bring an end to his self-titled radio show and 28-year career on Monday, 27 November, Boon informed his listeners live on air and issued a lengthy statement on social media shortly after, explaining his reasons behind the decision and his plans post-hosting.

Thanking the multiple radio stations he’s worked with — Century FM, 96.2 The Revolution, XFM Manchester, Radio X, BBC Radio Manchester and XS for the last seven years — as well as his countless listeners during that time, Booney said that radio has given him a “security and stability” like he hasn’t experienced in any other role.

Born in Oldham and now based in the Stockport area, he has remained one of the Manchester music scene’s most prominent figures for as long as most of us can remember and we’ll admit it’s going to be strange not hearing him on the dial anymore.

Clint Boon’s full statement after stepping down from XS Manchester.

The 64-year-old went on to say, “I’ve made some great friends during my time in radio. Too many to mention here. Not just people I’ve worked alongside but listeners too. Some of the greatest human beings I know.


“I’ve also got to meet a lot of my heroes along the way. Plus, I’ve been able to help many new bands and artists get on that ladder which all of us musicians dream of getting to the top of. That bit has been particularly special”.

Insisting that being back playing with his Inspiral Carpets bandmates since their comeback earlier this year is now the biggest focus for him, the talented keyboardist and DJ veteran said the group will be carrying on touring and “maybe writing new material” in the New Year and beyond, as well as a number of other plans for the future.


Most immediately, he said he’ll “spending more time with [his] wife, Charlie” and her beloved local event, Mrs Boon’s Tea Party, which takes place at various venues like Bask and more around Greater Manchester on a regular basis, as well as revealing that he is even working on a movie project entitled, Bickershaw — a village in the Abram part of Wigan.

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Adding that he intends to get into podcasting and will carry DJing and hosting special events around the region when and where he feels like, he signed off by assuring that this was “100% my decision” and that the popular radio station is enjoying “all-time high” listening figures, insisting that he knows “it’ll carry on going from strength to strength”.

Thankfully, the former South nightclub resident didn’t rule out returning one day and we, for one, sincerely hope that we’ll get to hear that friendly and familiar voice through our car stereos again at some point in the future.


You can watch our interview with the man himself back in May ahead of the Inspiral Carpets’ triumphant return and their incredible homecoming gig at Albert Hall down below.

Boon Army forever.

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