The Lowry is hosting a brand-new sensory-friendly club night experience for neurodivergents

For anyone who struggles with a typical night on the tiles.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 30th May 2024

Are you someone caught in that annoying middle ground of loving a boogie to some tunes but not being the biggest fan of the traditional night out in the usual club setting?

If so, we’ve got some good news for you: a brand new way of clubbing is coming to Salford Quays that is prioritising neurodivergent live music lovers whilst hoping to create a safe and fundamentally sensory-friendly night out.

Cleverly named ‘Disco Neurotico‘, the new series of club nights is created by founder Byron Vincent as well as author and fellow DJ, Stefan Mohamed, who are ensuring people’s mental health comes first.

Receiving funding from Arts Council England for this first run of research and development events across the UK in 2024, the first show of 2024 arrives at The Lowry this August.

The tagline for the event is, “Reimagining raves for the nervous and neurospicy” – now that’s the kind of motto we can get behind.


But what exactly does that look like? Well, it starts with something as simple as wearing whatever you want (even if that means your PJs or cosplaying as Corrie character) and goes on to involve everything from board games and consoles, a silent disco, a UV doodle wall, a calming ‘breakout’ space and more.

You can even pick which music you want to funnel into your headphones – the cornerstone of this sensory-friendly club night and increasingly popular sight at gigs and festivals in general – so whether you want to fully rave in your own headspace, groove out or just enjoy soothing sounds, it’s up to you.


However, there are also plenty of snacks and drinks, calming recovery rooms for anyone feeling overwhelmed, and they actually already recommend guests come in and take a pre-event venue tour to familiarise themselves with the surroundings, be that in person or virtually.

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Speaking on the concept, Vincent said: “I love the idea of clubs and festivals but as an autistic person with complex PTSD, I often struggle with the reality.

“So with the help of a fantastic neurodivergent team of artists, I’ve designed a lovely night with gaming and multiple music genres that’s kinder to sensitive little squirrels like myself.”


We love the idea of a properly inclusive, sensory-friendly club night with full safeguarding measures in place and the neurodivergent community firmly in mind. We sincerely hope this takes off.

Taking place on 31 August at the iconic Salford venue and running from 8pm until midnight, affordable tickets are just a tenner and general admission is just £12. You can find out all the information you need to know about the event and grab your Disco Neurotico Manchester tickets HERE.

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Featured Images — Disco Neurotico/The wub (via Wikimedia Commons)