75-year-old DJ – who played for one listener from his garden shed – is signed by US radio station

Deke Duncan, a 75-year-old Stockport DJ made famous for broadcasting to one listener, has been signed up by a US radio station.

The Manc The Manc - 9th October 2020

A 75-year-old DJ made famous for broadcasting to one listener has been signed up by a US radio station.

Deke Duncan, who used to record from the confines of his garden shed, was first filmed by the BBC back in the 1970s – with only his wife hearing the show.

There was renewed interest in Deke’s story after BBC Archives shared the old footage – with a documentary team tracking down the now-elderly DJ in Stockport, where he was found still spinning records for an audience of one.

But Wisconsin’s WLHA Radio station have granted Deke a professional slot from Sunday (9 October) – promising a significantly larger group of listeners.

BBC World Service

Programme Director, Kevin “Casey” Peckham said: “Deke’s finely-honed talent for doing upbeat, fast-paced, and imaginative radio in the style of great radio of the 1960s and 1970s is a perfect fit for us.”


“We recognised [him] as a kindred spirit who shared our own passions for radio as it existed decades ago.”

Deke said he was “thrilled” at the chance to become part of the WLHA team.


“I’m living the dream, still,” he commented.

“I’m really thrilled about it – join me for a cheerful earful every Sunday.”

Watch the documentary on Deke Duncan – the DJ with one listener – on BBC.

You can listen to WHLA Radio here.