Manchester publisher GGRecon breaks ground by becoming first esports publication on Apple News

"This is a huge win for esports, but also for the north of England."

The Manc The Manc - 23rd June 2021

Manchester-based online publisher GGRecon has become the first esports publication to appear on Apple News. 

This groundbreaking achievement comes after the launch of the publisher’s brand-new website earlier this month – which had been in development for over a year.

Working with web design company Degree53 – also based in Manchester – GGRecon created a bespoke and innovative website that serves its gaming and esports audience in a way that is unique in the industry.

Apple News has 85 million monthly active users, as well as being the number one news app in the world, and so this opens up GGRecon’s content, and high-quality esports content in general, to a whole new potential audience. 

Unfamiliar with GGRecon?


The company was founded in December 2019, with a heavy focus on esports.

Proud to be an esports company based in the north of England, where esports is typically underrepresented, GGRecon was founded in conjunction with Fred Done – the owner and businessman behind companies such as Betfred and Sharp Gaming – and covers titles such as VALORANT, CS:GO, Call of Duty, Overwatch, and many others.


Done’s connection to Manchester is well-known, and GGRecon continues that legacy by flying the flag for esports in the north.

“We’re thrilled to be the first esports publisher on Apple News.” said Chris Young, Managing Director at GGRecon.

“This is a huge win for esports, but also for the north of England.

GGRecon was founded in December 2019, with a heavy focus on esports / Credit: GGRecon

“Esports is typically seen as predominately a US-based scene, however we are proving that you don’t have to be in America to make an impact.

“We will continue to serve our loyal fanbase with the content that they have grown to expect from us, and hope to continually delight them with more UX-focused changes to best serve their interests.”

You can find more about GGRecon here.

Featured Image – GGRecon