Dark fruit WKD is launching this spring

WKD/The Sun

How's this for a big old gulp of nostalgia?

A brand new dark fruit WKD is set to hit supermarket shelves - mixing the taste of apple cider with fizzy vodka.

By combining the two drinks you're most likely to find littered around a park bench, WKD has produced a flavour that'll stir happy memories for some... and cause pure nausea for others.

Ben Sutherland/Flickr

WKD's are still some of the biggest-selling alcopops in the UK, remaining widely available in pubs and nightclubs as well as supermarkets.

The dark fruit flavour will be hitting stores in spring - just in time for the warmer weather - and is expected to cost £3-4.

Cider Expert

The bizarre new WKD is four percent ABV (alcohol by volume) and will be available in both 275ml and mega 700ml bottles.

Bet you know someone who'd knock back a few of these...

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