You can get a FREE kebab on Oxford Road today… but only on one condition

The beautiful game has an incredible ability to bring people together — especially when there's free scran involved.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 12th December 2023

More freebies are being handed out in town today to celebrate Manchester United’s final Champions League group game, courtesy of the popular chain, German Doner Kebab, who will be handing free kebabs to those first in line.

However, there’s a catch…

With United playing Bundesliga and European football giants Bayern Munich as they cling on to a sliver of hope that they might somehow make it through to the knockouts, you can only get your hands on a free kebab from the city centre food spot if you order in German.

And no, you can’t just say ‘kebab bitte‘.

Between 11am and 5pm on Tuesday, 12 December, German Doner Kebab’s Oxford Road site will be handing out a total of 100 free kebabs to the first people in line, so long as you say the right phrase when ordering.


But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a fluent German speaker because they’ve given you the sentence in full: “Kann ich bitte einen OG Kebab bestellen?” (‘Can I please order an OG kebab?’).

We’re already sincerely looking forward to you all butchering Deutschland’s beautiful albeit sometimes aggressive-sounding language.


There might be plenty at stake for Man United tonight and a history of fierce rivalry between the two clubs (‘late in May in 1999…’), but I’m sure we can all come together in harmony over one universal truth — free food is the best kind of food. Mancunian or German, we can all agree on that, surely?

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Once again, this offer will only be available to the first 100 people to say the German phrase to an acceptable level at the Oxford Road location, and you can enjoy it right there in-store or to takeaway.

For those of you who’ve never tried one of their kebabs before, they’re well worth queuing up for regardless; prepared right in front of you, they combine premium, lean meats imported from Germany, fresh, locally sourced salad, served in their world-famous toasted waffle bread and with unique signature sauces.


The brand has been a big hit with local fans since it opened in late 2021 and now has over 130
restaurants in the UK alone, including four here in Greater Manchester, but only one is handing out free kebabs.

Lastly, while that might be German Doner’s only proviso for getting your hands on a free kebab, our only condition for sharing this information with you is that you don’t show yourself if you bump into an opposition fan in the line: we want well behaved Mancs doing their best to speak the language.

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