Lindt has just launched a new salted caramel Lindor truffle


Salted caramel is the newest edition in the ever-growing range of the popular chocolate.

We can probably all agree that if there was an official chocolate ranking system, Lindor truffles would definitely be up there, right?

If that's the case for you, then you'll be pretty chuffed to hear that Lindt has just released a brand new salted caramel Lindor variation and it's already available in UK supermarkets.

Today, salted caramel has a legion of lovers, but it was actually one of the concepts/flavour combinations that was initially met with scepticism when it first began to emerge a few years back. Now though, it has officially cemented its place as a favourite in the taste palates of many, which is why this brand new addition to the Lindor range has got plenty of people very excited.

According to the product description, this new Lindor is a delicately crafted truffle made of "milk chocolate with salt crystals (Fleur de Sel) and a smooth melting caramel filling" and it's "perfect for sharing, or for your everyday special moments".


While Lindt had already been previously selling a dark chocolate salted caramel Lindor, these brand new truffles are made with milk chocolate instead, so you can expect them to be extra creamy.

If this chocolatey treat sounds like it's right up your street, then you can get your hands on some from either Morrison's or Tesco, where a 200g box will set you back just £5.

You can also buy them in bulk on Amazon and eBay too if you're looking to stock up.

Lindt's well and truly provided us with the opportunity to treat ourselves during lockdown here, haven't they?

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