London’s wildly popular vegan junk food brand Biff’s is coming to Manchester

Biff's, originally formed in London, has been pleasing plant-eaters in the Big Smoke for three years - and is now set to launch another delivery outpost on Oxford Road.

The Manc The Manc - 21st September 2020

The vegan junk food brand that’s taken the capital by storm is opening a branch in Manchester.

Biff’s, originally based in London, has been pleasing plant-eaters in the Big Smoke for a little over three years – and now staff have confirmed they’re setting up a brand new delivery outpost on Oxford Road.

Announcing the launch on social media, Biff’s said that they were “buzzing” to build a site in the North West and introduce Mancs to their colourful-looking vegan grub.

“We’ve been desperate to create a Biff’s outpost further north for ages and we’re psyched to be able to finally bring our Crispy Fried Jackfruit to a huge part of one of our fave cities,” stated representatives. ⁣

“We’ll be delivering a menu of stone cold classic Biff’s burgers, wingz and loaded fries seven days a week from our base in the Oxford Road area of town – and we can’t wait for you to come get stuck in.”


Biff’s is already available on Deliveroo – which gives you a chance to have a good old peek at what’s up for grabs.

Among the top dishes include fried jackfruit burgers, jackfruit wings and filthy fries, with Brewdog beers serving as an ideal accompaniment.


Check out the full menu online here.

Biff’s is based at 144 Oxford Rd, Manchester, M13 9GP.

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