Weird facts that you might not know about Manchester

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Just when we thought we knew everything there was to know about Manchester, our city finds new ways to surprise us. 

The i have produced a cracking list of little-known tidbits about our hometown - and we'd be surprised if even our readers were aware of all of these.

Turns out we've got an even greater history than we originally thought...

Vegetarianism was born here

BBC/The Vegetarian Society

That's right - the first meat-free diet originated right under our noses.

In a place called Beefsteak Chapel, no less.

Manchester is "breast-shaped hill" in Latin

When the Romans arrived in Castlefield circa 79AD, they declared the area "Mamucium".

In English, that roughly translates as "breast-shaped hill".

We're not actually the rainiest city in the UK

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No, honest.

We're actually behind Glasgow, Preston, Cardiff and Lancaster, among others, in the competition for wettest patch of land in Britain.

Mancs came up with black pudding... and Wigan started pie eating contests


The dark, chewy fried breakfast staple was popularised in Bury (with a black pudding throwing competition next door in Ramsbottom).

Meanwhile, over in Wigan, they held the first ever World Pie Eating Championships - a contest that continues to this day.

This is where we split the atom

Encyclopaedia of Trivia

Ok, you probably did know this one - especially if you went to UoM.

Ernest Rutherford won the 1908 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for the achievement.

We've now got 25 Nobel Prize laureates in total.

The Curry Mile is a fib


Ever thought the Curry Mile looked a little shorter than its name suggest?

You'd be right.

It actually clocks in at half that distance.

Rolls and Royce join forces

Falcon Photography/Flickr

The Midland Hotel played host to a world-changing get-together in 1904.

After car salesman Charles Rolls shook hands with engineer Henry Royce, the automobile industry would never be the same again.

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