Inside Hotel Brooklyn, Manchester’s new luxury New York-inspired hotel

Hotel Brooklyn

A few years ago, we saw the first sparks of an unlikely love story.

Manchester was realising it had a lot in common with New York City.

Streets in the Northern Quarter were recognised as ideal doubles for Manhattan in Hollywood movies, and the fling between the two cities turned into a full-blown affair as Big Apple-style bars (Pen and Pencil, Eat NY etc) started springing up across Mancunia.

After realising that the past few years weren't just a phase, the city's respective tourist boards shook hands to strike an historic partnership agreement.

Manchester and New York are a perfect match - and no hotel celebrates that better than Hotel Brooklyn.

Hotel Brooklyn

Portland Street's brand new red-brick guesthouse combines 40s NY with modern Manchester - an ambition perfectly captured in a black & white promotional video starring an old-fashioned Brooklyn band re-do our city's definitive track "Wonderwall".

The venue has been years in the making, created by the same team behind Hotel Gotham down the road.

Unlike it's predecessor, however, Hotel Brooklyn rides a Guys & Dolls theme that's carried across nine floors - offering luxury amenities in nostalgic packaging.

The cinema room feels like a drive-in, new music pumps out of vintage radios, and fresh food is printed on menus designed like old newspapers (the kind that used to be passed out on street corners accompanied by the seller shouting "Extra! Extra!").

Yet, whilst Hotel Brooklyn functions as a microcosm of NYC, it isn't preoccupied with making visitors feel like a million miles away from Manchester. Instead, it celebrates the similarities of the two cities and joins them together.

The patterned carpets are designed as maps of Manchester, and the wide bedroom windows offer a proud view of the city like no other.

Hotel Brooklyn

Hotel Brooklyn isn't even officially open yet but the venue is already generating huge buzz for its specially-designed furniture, beautiful brass adornments, astonishing street art and sprawling function space. They've taken three wedding bookings before the first guests have stayed the night.

It's central location ought to prove appealing to anyone visiting the city for the first time, although there's enough here to tempt most Mancunians into a "staycation".

The place just exudes cool and comfort - and it should prove to be another fine addition to the ever-growing city skyline.

Hotel Brooklyn officially opens on Friday 14th February (Valentine's Day).

Visit the website here to learn more and book a viewing.

Here are some more photos of Hotel Brooklyn

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