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Beer of the Gods: Manchester brand launches game-changing low calorie IPAs

The new IPA range from local brand DrinkWell is 4.1% ABV, with 99 calories per bottle (over 30% lower than other IPAs) and 3g carbs.

The Manc The Manc - 11th March 2021

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IPAs might boast some of the fullest flavours and finest aromas – but traditionally these drinks always come with extra carbs and calories we simply don’t want. 

A Manchester brand is on a mission to change that.

DrinkWell has unveiled a batch of brand new low calorie IPAs – promising “everything you want in a classic IPA without the calorific drawbacks”.

For IPA lovers, these bottles could potentially prove to be an absolute game-changer.


In the past, we might have had to cut out beer altogether to stay in decent physical shape. But now – for the first time – beer-lovers can pop the cap, sip a top-tasting IPA, and not worry about the calorie content.

It’s true that good beer is as intrinsic to British culture as cups of tea, a Full English fry-up, or Harry Potter – and the reopening date for pubs was the first thing many of us looked for when Boris unfurled his roadmap to exiting lockdown in February.


But despite our reputation as ‘boozy Brits’, there’s evidence that suggests we’re beginning to take stock of what goes into our diet – and how we can improve it. 

According to research published by market research group Mintel in November 2018, 78% of consumers aged 18 – 35 years old are conscious of the calories in drink and are always on the lookout for lighter alternatives.

These health-conscious habits are becoming increasingly popular among younger demographics, along with a desire to consume meat-free alternatives (UK veganism hit an all-time high in 2020).


But despite this shift in modern tastes, local entrepreneur Tom Bell realised the thirst for great beer has remained intact.

As a result, his company DrinkWell is incorporating young people’s modern preferences into brewing recipes – whipping up vegan, gluten-free, low calorie IPAs that still pack a punch.

The new DrinkWell IPA range is 4.1% ABV with 99 calories per bottle (over 30% lower than other IPAs) and 3g carbs, also vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

Founder Tom stated: “Maintaining the alcohol and the classic IPA flavour profile was imperative to being successful in a rapidly changing market which is ever adapting to modern ‘healthier’ consumers.”

More info on new DrinkWell IPA range and low calorie alcohol collection is available online. Head over to DrinkWell to learn more.

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