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Iceland is bringing back its 1p veg deal ahead of Christmas

Iceland has slashed the price of its fresh vegetables in the run up to Christmas

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 21st December 2022

Budget supermarket chain Iceland has revealed it is bringing back its 1p veg deal this month, helping customers to make a saving ahead of the holidays.

On Wednesday 21 December, the supermarket will be selling off all of its veg at a reduced cost – offering a lifeline to those who are feeling the crunch of the cost of living emergency.

However, the super cheap vegetables are only discounted online – not in store – which means that fresh vegetable savings are only available this week to customers who use Iceland’s website to place an order.

It means that shoppers can pick up all their festive trimmings, including Iceland Brussels Sprouts (900g) and Iceland Carrots (600g) now for just 1p each in the sale, making their Christmas Day celebrations cheaper.

All of Iceland’s fresh and frozen vegetables that are priced at £1 will be available for just 1p when shoppers buy three packs online.


Customers can put three packs of vegetables in their online basket when doing their weekly shop, entering the code THREEVEG at the checkout to receive the discount. 

Shoppers that spend £40 or over online are eligible to receive free next day delivery for their order. 


The sale takes place on Wednesday 21 December. All fresh vegetables included in Iceland’s offer will have ‘Best Before’ dates that fall after Christmas Day to ensure they’re fresh and ready for the big day. 

Richard Walker, Managing Director at Iceland, said: “Christmas is a special time for families across the UK and given the pressure that the cost-of-living crisis is having on households this year, we’re delighted to support our customers by cutting costs on their festive feasts.” 

The full list of fresh vegetables included in Iceland’s 1p Christmas sale:

Iceland 300g Closed Cup Mushrooms 


Iceland 800g Garden Peas 

Iceland 600g Carrots 

Iceland 600g Baby Salad Potato 

Iceland 900g Button Sprouts 

Iceland 700g Onions 


Iceland 400g Broccoli 

Iceland 800g Cauliflower Floret 

Iceland 725g Mixed Vegetables 

Iceland 400g Mash Potato 

Iceland 3pk White Onions 


Iceland 3pk Red Onions 

Iceland 780g Very Fine Whole Green Beans 

Iceland 900g Stew Pack 

Iceland 600g Petit Pois Peas 

Iceland Savoy Green Cabbage 


Iceland 125g Button Mushrooms 

Iceland 500g Mini Corn Cobs 

Iceland 600g Super sweet Sweetcorn 

Iceland 900g Sliced Green Beans 

Iceland 160g Green Beans 


Iceland 250g Chestnut Mushroom 

Iceland 160g Kale 

Iceland 800g Casserole Vegetables 

Iceland 250g Large Flat Mushrooms 

Iceland 650g Sliced Mixed Pepper 


Iceland 500g Diced Onions 

Iceland 550g Fresh Parsnips  

Feature image – Piqsels