The Manc - Home Bargains is selling Salt & Pepper seasoning and people are going mad for it"

Home Bargains is selling Salt & Pepper seasoning and people are going mad for it

Ian Rainey/Geograph

No Chinese takeaway is complete without salt and pepper chips. 

Spice-infused, deep-fried potatoes belong at the top of your order for two reasons.

One: They're magnificently moreish.

Two: The only place you can find chips-with-a-kick is an Asian restaurant.

Until now.

Home Bargains have released a salt and pepper seasoning that perfectly mimics the amazing flavour you find in those silver takeaway trays - and people are going nuts for it.

Priced at just £1.19, this salt and chilli pepper seasoning appeared on Facebook a few weeks back and has proven so popular that Home Bargains is set to roll out the jars across the UK.

One social media user even posted an image of a homemade salt and pepper dish created using the product.

They commented: "I just used these, chopped some spring onion, red onion, mushrooms and red chilli's and fried it all together with garlic oil then sprinkled the seasoning over! Easy peasy!"

Another wrote: "I bought this stuff from Home Bargains that everyone was raving about and to be honest I didn't think it would be that good.......I made salt and chilli chips tonight and used it and they were fab! Highly recommend this."


The seasoning has proven wildly popular, which sadly means it's already sold out at several Home Bargain stores.

All you can do is give your local shop a call to check their stock - and try again a few days later if they're empty.

If anything is worth persevering for - it's salt and pepper seasoning.

God speed.

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