The Manc - Why Pen and Pencil is such a Northern Quarter favourite"

Why Pen and Pencil is such a Northern Quarter favourite

Pen and Pencil flung open its doors half a decade ago, but it felt like part of the neighbourhood within about five minutes. 

The New York-style bar immediately captured the imagination of the morning and night-time crowds alike in Northern Quarter with its extensive cocktail and food menus - taking advantage of its convenient corner location to lure in passers-by for hours on end.

Pen and Pencil has also played an important role in pioneering the as-much-as-you-can-manage boozy brunch, with a flurry of bars following in their footsteps to provide similar weekend deals as a result.

Interestingly, though, the increased competition hasn't hit this Hilton Street beerhouse hard. They've got their niche - and it's part of the reason why Pen and Pencil remains so popular today.

The bottomless brunch runs twelve times a year - so it never goes stale - on the final Saturday of each month, differing from likeminded mid-morning meals by staying true to the infinite suggestion of its title.

This isn't the kind of brunch deal where you get a small plate of food and a few glasses of prosecco. It's as much as you can possibly consume within a three-hour time period. For £40. End of.

What you really want as part of a bottomless brekkie of course is variety - which Pen and Pencil has in spades. The menu is bulked out with dishes that differ to the bog-standard fry-up, such as Avocado and Feta, Steak and Eggs, American Pancakes, and Smoky Beans.

There's also as many as five different drinks to choose from, including Prosecco, Mimosa, Amstel, Bloody Mary and a Special Cocktail (created just for the occasion).

This all-inclusive, free-flow brunch is undoubtedly one of the best of its kind - and the fact it's been fully booked almost every month since it began is a testament to its quality.

Indulgent weekends aside, Pen and Pencil also offers a space to refuel in the day (with a selection of healthy smoothies) and unwind at night (as resident DJs spin classic records from years gone).

The bar settled quicker in Northern Quarter than most other venues in living memory - which is impressive given how many fail to find their feet in this part of town - and today Pen and Pencil is a deserved part of the furniture.

If you still haven't got round to visiting, it's worth ducking your head in one day this month. It's got a bit of everything for everyone.

Learn more about Pen and Pencil here.

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