Greater Manchester ranked among the top counties in the UK for InstaDads, according to a new social media study

The new study analysed publicly available Instagram posts based on their geo-location tags, and crunched the numbers on the top UK regions

The Manc The Manc - 6th August 2021

With a significant number of social media savvy millennials having kids – there are a rising number of parents venturing into the world of influencing.

But how are dad influencers matching up to their mummy counterparts? New research from gifts and gadgets retailer Menkind explores the untapped potential of the dad influencers by revealing a ranking of the UK’s top InstaDad content hotspots.

  • New ranking reveals top locations where dad life Instagram content gets shared most
  • Greater Manchester ranks fifth in the chart, based on number of posts
  • Town of Wigan ranked in top 10 cities for most active InstaDads

Greater Manchester ranks fifth in the top InstaDads chart

The new study analysed publicly available Instagram posts based on their geo-location tags, and crunched the numbers on the top UK regions, counties and cities where dads share fatherhood related content the most.

Greater Manchester ranks fifth amongst the top counties where InstaDads are most active, posting the most about dad life or being featured on their families’ feeds. At a city level, two locations in the county were shortlisted as hosts for some of the most social-media savvy dads, who clearly love snapping their proudest family moments – Wigan, ranking fifth in the top cities for InstaDads, and Bolton, ranking 12th in the chart based on number of Instagram posts. 


Relative to the size of the population, however, Greater Manchester dads come third in 14th our ranking of dad life content per 1000 county residents, with Northumberland and Southampton dads splitting the podium. Nevertheless, Essex dads still share over two times more family content on Instagram than Londoners.

North West ranks third among regions with most InstaDads 


Overall, InstaDads in the North West are the third most active on Instagram in the UK, whilst the North East and Northern Ireland are home to the least active Instagrammer dads, according to the regional data. When it comes to the most popular Instagram posts, North Western dads rank seventh in the top, with over 5,000 likes for geo-located posts.

At a county level, Milton Keynes, Stirling, Hartlepool, Monmouthshire, Caithness, Peterborough, South Gloucestershire, Wrexham, Thurrock and Falkirk all split the last position in the ranking, with the lowest amount of fatherhood related content shared.

Top five proudest InstaDads revealed


The social media study also crunched the numbers on the profiles with the most liked public Instagram posts which used dad related hashtags in the last three months, and shortlisted the top dads that get most recognition on the platform for their heart-warming family life content. 

Top InstaDads

InstaDadNumber of likesLocation
@ed_stafford11167Leicestershire, East Midlands
@daddiesonamission3686Blyth, Northumberland, North East
@the_running_dan1085Chester, North West England
@harvey_and_adam1068Doncaster, Yorkshire and the Humber

*Top five InstaDads based on most liked dad-life Instagram content in the UK

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