Lectures on the pros and cons of animal testing at Manchester University

The Manc The Manc - 20th January 2021

Recently we were able to see an impressive lecture from Manchester University about the pros and cons of animal testing and also animal rights.

It was definitely something that changed the way we think and something that has a huge impact these days. Testing on animals is complicated, common, and actually more problematic than you may believe. Below we will discuss the matter in detail and give you all the important pieces of the puzzle.

Testing On Animals: Basics

Why should animal testing be banned? Before you learn or get the answer you need to know something about the process itself. It has been used since 500 BC and it is extremely common today. In the United States only, over 26 million animals are used per year. Some are used for cosmetic testing on animals while others are used for testing the toxicity of certain medications, how safe a product is and so much more. Without this part of the testing, scientists would have to test the products on humans or don’t test them at all.

These days student’s thoughts are strong about this type of testing. As a matter of fact, you can see countless essay samples where students will express their opinion about this severe and huge topic today. If you want to know more, it is advised to check essay samples on the pros and cons of animal testing as soon as you can and see the specifics, learn about the process overall and understand what others have to say. 


Many if not countless essay articles are written on this topic. Students like to write this because of the severity and also the effects the testing has. Pros and cons are usually the best way to form an article and present it to the university.

Pros of Animal Testing


If you have checked animals rights lectures you will see that one of the main pros of this process is safe for humans. Products are tested on animals first and if they are safe they will be moved on people. If not, they are back to a drawing board. 

There are no alternatives to animal testing cosmetics that are equally effective and important. In fact, there are no alternatives for testing any kind of product. We can even say that the hands of the scientists are tied! In other words, there is no other way to determine the effects of a product with certainty than after animal testing. Some animals are very similar to us, humans which makes this point even greater. Learning here has a huge effect and a specific course of action is mandatory. 

There are certain cases where scientists must use animals. Testing a product on a human is banned so this is the only alternative. You will probably learn more about this fact in school or at college. 


Believe it or not, animal protection is still present. Some animals actually benefit from testing. Their lives are saved using vaccines and medications that an animal wouldn’t get normally. It is hard to believe but make sure to include the fact on your exam or in your education. It is a real and accurate fact.

Cons of Animal Testing

All people even your teachers know that this type of testing is inhumane and cruel. It is far from something an animal will want but they are held in captivity and forced to this. A human can give consent and choose to participate while an animal can’t. 

Alternative methods are almost available. This refers to in vitro testing which you may come across when studying in some subjects. It is basically testing that involves human tissue and blood. There is no need for animals. However, it cannot be used in all cases.

Some animals are very different than humans. Here we can see two issues. First of all, a chemical or a product can be ineffective on an animal but can help people. Secondly, some animals don’t give any results at all but humans will definitely react to that product. You may have seen SoundCloud tests on animals and this is something we recommend you learn more about.


Many students who have great grades and have a great time on their campus know that these animals are far from protected. Only 5% have the rights which is a big issue.

What You Have To Say?

If you spend a lot of time online to enjoy online studying, learning new things, or just fun you probably have come across these topics. What do you have to say about this? Do you like animal testing and do you support science or you would like to ban it completely? 

It actually depends on numerous factors but most people do not like the idea. At the end of the day, it is cruel and not something that an animal can choose. It is not safe and there are a lot of issues with this testing. In reality, there are more side effects than positive sides. 


You may want to learn more or even join the animal rights movement and see how you can contribute to all of this and how you can save animals. Each person can do a lot of things and can help those animals. If you have a desire and you want to do something like this, now you know that you can and you should.