A doctor has discovered a ‘snoring cure’ by zapping tongue with electricity


Being kept awake by someone else’s snoring could now be a thing of the past.

Everyone has been kept awake by someone else's snoring before.

You know how it goes. You start off by gently nudging them. Then maybe not so gently. Then before you know it you’re hitting them with a pillow and are left with no other choice but to move into another room, or sleep on the sofa.

If this sounds like a situation you can very much relate to, then you may soon be owing a massive thank you Professor Anshul Sama, NHS surgeon and sleep disorders expert, who has invented a ‘cure’ for snoring.

Introducing the ‘Snoozeal’. This flexible device, that fits at the base of the mouth, contains two electrodes and zaps the tongue with tiny electrical currents. When used for 20 minutes a day for six weeks, it claims to silence snoring.


It is conveniently controlled by a smartphone app, where users can not only record and check whether their snoring is improving, but also track their sleep.

Following recent consumer trials with both male and female participants, the ‘Snoozeal’ was found to either significantly reduce or eliminate snoring in an impressive 70% of cases.

One trial participant, Louise Fitzpatrick, 50 from London, said: "I was resigned to surgery but within a couple of weeks on the Snoozeal trial I started to notice a change and by the end of the six weeks I was hardly snoring at all.”

After several years of refining, Professor Sama hopes to launch the product later this year.

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