Turkish Delight Chocolate Easter Egg spotted in supermarkets

The Mirror/Fry's

Ok, so we've just about recovered from the excess and indulgence of Christmas... and a bloody Turkish Delight Easter Egg arrives on shelves. 

Images of the wondrous creation have started swirling around on social media this morning - which has caught everyone by surprise for two reasons.

One - Easter is three months away.

Two - Nobody knew Turkish Delight actually did Easter eggs.

The Mirror/Katie Britton

A shopper spotted the egg during an innocent stroll around Iceland and excitedly snapped a pic to share with the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

The post has generated some fierce debate, with almost four-thousand comments from excited, irritated and bewildered customers alike.

Is it too soon to start chowing down on Easter eggs?

I mean, yes, obviously.

But there might just be an exception to be made here...

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