A woman has found a simple solution to stop flies entering the house

A social media user says she was inspired to give the hack a go after seeing people talk about it online, and many others have since claimed to see results by using the same method.

The Manc The Manc - 9th July 2020
 the name is karupu / Pexels

It’s that time of year. The bugs are back.

Buzzing around bins. Whizzing aimlessly around living rooms. Knocking themselves repeatedly against windows.

Around this point of the season, these pesky little creatures seem to get more numerous by the day.

But one woman claims to have a found a simple hack to stop flies from entering your home this summer: Coins in liquid.

Facebook user Alison Turnball Halliday shared the trick online; posting an image of some shrapnel dunked in a small bag of water; tied tight with a plastic fastener.


She then left the bag on the ground outside her patio doors – and apparently hasn’t seen a single fly since.


Weird, right? But apparently, this is not a new trick.


Alison says she was inspired to give the hack a go after seeing others talk about it, and fellow homeowners claim to have seen results by using the same method.

It remains unclear why flies are unsettled by the sight of coins in water, with some speculating it could be to do with refracted light.

Either way, it might be worth trying if bugs are giving you bother this year.


All you need to do is bag up some coins, fill up with water, fasten it shut, and hang or place the bag around your window/door.

Hopefully, this will keep those pests away.