Aldi’s selling log burners and fire pits in stores from next week

Aldi UK

Aldi's middle aisle strikes again and this time it's bringing you your next lockdown essential.

We're all spending quite a bit of time in the garden or on our balconies at the moment, aren't we?

With all this warm weather we're having as well, it'd really be a crime not to.

Now, Aldi is about to make your days in sun the just that little bit toastier as the supermarket retail giant is launching stylish new log burners and fire pits that are set to arrive in UK stores and online from next week.

The fire pit is made from a dark grey faux stone and will set you back £49.99. Not only does it keep you toasty warm and comes with a mesh lid to ensure safe burning, but it has a cooking grate too, so it doubles up as a barbecue.

Aldi UK

How ace is that?

Or if you'd prefer to bag yourself an outdoor log burner instead however, which is made from black steel with a bronze effect finish, a mesh surround and a compartment to store logs underneath, then that's retailed at the slightly pricier £59.99.

With all this glorious spring sunshine and now garden accessories like these, we've got no excuse not to stay home have we?

Yes, they may not entirely be considered essential purchases, but if this makes lockdown that little bit more bearable for you, then you can get your hands on these new log burners and fire pits at Aldi stores nationwide and online from Thursday 30th April.


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