Altrincham Town Hall has been saved following petitions against its sale thanks to a local organisation

They are also set to let other members of the community invest in the space.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 19th March 2024

Altrincham Town Hall has been saved after the building came under threat of being ‘disposed of’ and being sold off to the highest bidder, with a nearby cultural organisation swooping in at the 11th hour to rescue the much-loved local space.

The town hall — which has served as a venue for weddings, parties, funerals and community meetings for decades — was set to fall into private hands and be sold off to a nursery group after Trafford Council said it had become too expensive to run.

However, a glimmer of hope was given when the authorities opened up the tender to businesses and community organisations in the area following a petition signed by more than 2,000 Altrincham residents over the past few months.

As confirmed on Tuesday, 19 March, the council confirmed that the bid was won by local group Oyez Arts, who will now be taking over the 25-year lease on the Jacobean building which dates all the way back to 1901.

According to Altrincham Today, Oyez Arts’ vision for the venue is to transform it into a completely new arts centre, working with local artists and creatives on a wide range of activities, as well as continue to be a space where people can meet, commune and ‘thrive’.


Speaking to the local outlet, co-founder Jo Cushing said: “We are excited to bring Oyez to Altrincham. Oyez literally means ‘Hear Ye’, it’s an official town hall cry and we love that it represents a call to gather our community as well as a celebratory shout-out.

“Our events will make the Town Hall buzz with life and bring something new for everyone. We believe, together, the possibilities are endless.”


The other half of the team, Jodie Saint, added: “The vision is to turn it into a lively hub of arts activity, including performances, book clubs, film clubs, nit and natters, that kind of thing. We want to appeal to as wide an audience as possible across the community.”

altrincham arts group to take over town hall
Credit: Altrincham Today

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Better still, not only will the building still remain in public use but the pair are also hoping to launch a community share offer later this year (similar to the plans that helped locals back Stretford Public Hall in 2017) to help fund some necessary renovations.

Celebrating the local retention of the space, Council Leader Tom Ross said there were a number of “excellent bids” but that they are delighted for Oyez to be chosen as the winner — as are we.


We’re buzzing for the Alty natives who fought so hard to keep it going and we look forward to many more years of Altrincham Town Hall being an important local and creative hub for the community.

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Featured Images — Altrincham Today/Trafford Council/Altrincham Town Hall (via Facebook)