Another storm could hit the UK after Christmas – and it has the most Manc name ever

Storm Corrie would potentially bring with it rain and snow from 27 December.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 22nd December 2021

The Met Office has said that another storm could be on its way to the UK between Christmas and New Year.

And it’s got one of the most Mancunian names ever.

Storm Corrie.

2021 has certainly brought with it its fair share of unpredictable and harsh weather conditions of all kinds throughout the year, and by the sounds of it, with the potential arrival of a storm with the same name as the nickname of the iconic Manchester-set TV soap, the final week of the month looks set to be no different.

Following recent reports that said ‘a snowbomb’ could drop be dropping up to 1cm of snow in the North West within just an hour on 27 December, some weather forecasters are now predicting that this new storm could also batter the UK shortly after Christmas.


Although not officially declared by the Met Office as of yet, Storm Corrie would be the third storm of the winter season, following the recent Storm Arwen and Storm Barra.

Storm Corrie would potentially bring with it rain and snow.


The Met Office has confirmed there is a signal that we will transition to more unsettled conditions towards the end of next week.

But there is nothing currently in the forecast that indicates 27 December as a focus for storm which would cause particularly high impacts, so we will just have to wait and see for now.

But one question still remains though – will we actually have a white Christmas?


Well, according to the Met Office, while there is “still a lot of uncertainty”, in some places – especially in Northern areas of the UK – it is entirely possible that we could be given a covering of snow on the big day itself, as temperatures plummet into biting cold and unsettled conditions.

Other regions across the UK, however, will likely just experience some cold and bright weather conditions instead of snow.

“There is still a lot of uncertainty in the forecast for the Christmas period,” explained Dan Rudman, expert meteorologist at the Met Office.

“Whilst there is certainly a risk of wintry conditions for many places, other outcomes are still possible such as warmer air to move across the UK bringing rain widely with any potential snow being restricted to higher ground and the far north.”

So, it all remains to be seen once the big day arrives.

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