Aphex Twin’s full WHP show streaming live this Friday – edited by Weirdcore

There's absolutely nothing like an Aphex Twin set. They're otherworldly. 

That's why there was such a huge buzz of excitement when Richard D. James opened the Warehouse Project's Mayfield Depot site in September 2019.

WHP set the highest possible bar for their new digs by tempting the iconic DJ back to Manchester for the first time since 2011, and the electronic pioneer shook a sold-out venue to its foundations with a dizzyingly good audio-visual experience.

This Friday, you can relive that night. With all the trimmings.

Aphex Twin's stonking set is being streamed live on April 10 as part of the At Home With WHP series, complete with interactive visuals edited by Weirdcore - the mysterious figure behind the unmistakably surreal visuals that carry the AP brand.

The 90-minute set will be beamed out onto screens in its entirety from 18:00 GMT on Good Friday.

You can watch it on Facebook, YouTube, VICE or weirdcore.tv.

Links are listed below:

FB WHP - www.facebook.com/thewarehouseproject
YT WHP - www.youtube.com/user/WHPMcr
Vice UK - www.facebook.com/viceuk
Weirdcore - www.weirdcore.tv

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