BBC corrects Platinum Party at the Palace footage after using wrong flag

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 6th June 2022

The BBC has issued a correction to its Platinum Party at the Palace footage on iPlayer.

The broadcaster had to apologise after viewers pointed out the wrong flag had been used in a video montage over the Jubilee weekend.

Against a backdrop of Buckingham Palace, a huge screen mistakenly showed the Irish tricolour flag to represent Northern Ireland.

The mishap took place during rapper-comedian Doc Brown’s spoken word performance, where he delivered a rousing rap about the UK’s sporting prowess.

The BBC has issued a correction to its Platinum Party at the Palace footage on iPlayer. Credit: BBC

One person pointed out: “Just for next time @BBC this is not the flag of Northern Ireland.”


Someone else asked: “How does a fundamental mistake like this make it through without anyone spotting the issue..?”

A BBC spokesperson said: “The incorrect flag appeared in a brief montage during Doc Brown’s appearance last night. We apologise for the error and the sequence will be edited on iPlayer.”


Northern Ireland does not have its own official flag, though the Ulster Banner is unofficially known as the Flag of Northern Ireland.

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The correction added to the Platinum Party at the Palace video on iPlayer states: “This programme is subject to a correction. During Doc Brown’s performance, the Republic of Ireland flag was inadvertently used to represent Northern Ireland.”


Doc Brown’s rap at the time of the incident included the lines: “But see those three lions you know what they do to me, I see them standing for strength love and unity.

“Same with the red dragon shamrock and thistle, white black and brown we unite at the whistle.”

Featured image: BBC