BBC Two to screen new ‘Manctopia’ series about the city’s amazing property boom

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The Manchester skyline has transformed beyond all recognition over the past decade – with even more changes on the way over the coming years.

Now, the BBC has stepped in to commission a new TV series to tell the story.

Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom, set to screen on BBC Two next week, meets the people living and working in the eye of Manchester’s remarkable housing boom – charting the rise of one of Britain’s fastest developing cities.

Filmed over a period of 12 months, Manctopia explores how the changes have affected all the different types of people living in the city.

This includes millionaires looking for the perfect penthouse, mums who want to find an affordable home the kids will love, and those in homeless shelters trying to get themselves off the streets.

Narrated by Mancunian Sally Lindsay, the series also speaks to the property developers and decision-makers shaping the city, as well as the communities struggling to keep up.

With so many new homes being built in Greater Manchester not classed as ‘affordable housing’, families who have lived in the area for generations are slowly being out-priced.

The programme also meets some of the 5,000 homeless people across the city and looks at the services and charities out there to support them.

Each of the four 60 minute episodes are stories of the troubles, joy and million pound deals happening every day in Manctopia

Emma Loach, BBC Documentaries Commissioning Editor, said: “Property can be a dry financial issue – but behind every property deal is a person and a family. This series tells the stories of their lives and the highs and lows of the property process.” 

Grace Reynolds and Sophie Leonard, Executive Producers from Minnow Films added: “We were struck by the building boom in Manchester and felt there must be a human story to tell behind the skyscrapers. 

“We found people with compelling stories, living through an astonishing time, many of them strikingly interconnected. Through them we are able to learn all kinds of things; about cities and their development; what home means to us; and what the future may look like.” 

Manctopia: Billion Pound Property Boom is coming to BBC Two on 18 August.

Watch on iPlayer.

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