Blackpool Tower ‘fire’ confirmed to be orange netting flapping in the wind

Fire crews were in attendance.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 28th December 2023

Early reports of a fire at Blackpool Tower, triggering a huge emergency services report, proved to be false.

The iconic landmark stands on the promenade of the north west seaside town.

On Thursday afternoon, photos and videos shared on social media showed what looked like flames coming from near the top of the historic structure.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue was in attendance and urged the public to stay away from the area.

Six fire engines and a drone were all in operation at the Blackpool Tower blaze.


The fire service said: “We have 6 fire engines, the drone team and the rope rescue team currently in attendance at a fire on Promenade, Blackpool.

“There may be significant disruption so please stay away from the area.


“The drone team are in operation so please do not fly drones in the area as you may obstruct emergency operations.”

Below are a series of videos and photos from the scene.

But then Lancashire Police confirmed that the fire wasn’t actually a fire.


They said: “We are at the scene in support of Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Blackpool Council and Merlin Entertainment.

“The top of the tower is currently closed for renovation and difficult to access.

“Our helicopter has flown over the tower and there is no fire. We can confirm what can be seen is orange netting.

“One man has been arrested on suspicion of Breach of the Peace and is being transported to custody.”

Featured image: X, @__harrietclegg