The Manc - Boyfriend finds hilarious set of isolation rules by girlfriend on fridge"

Boyfriend finds hilarious set of isolation rules by girlfriend on fridge


Hundreds of thousands of people across the UK are self-isolating this week and will be doing so for the next 7-14 days as the Coronavirus pandemic sweeps the planet.

For most, it means a bit of peace and quiet in their own private sanctuary, for others, it means putting up with their partner for days on end.

Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad thing. Most people will love having some precious time alone with their loved one, or loved ones, but it's not all roses for some.


And one guy in particular might be in for a bit of a rough ride after finding the thing he feared most on his fridge today – a set of rules. Not just any rules, though. Self-isolation rules.

Daniel Howell posted a photo in the Mint Manchester Facebook group earlier today, writing: "I'm suddenly regretting moving in with the missus last month..."

Attached to the post was a photo of a list of 10 'self-isolation rules' that he must adhere to during his time stuck in quarantine with his unidentified better half.

Daniel Howell

The list goes as such:

  1. No more than 3 hours a day spent on COD or FIFA, quality time is more important (8pm PS4 curfew)
  2. If you’re having PS4 time, then I choose what we watch on Netflix
  3. I will need a lift to the shop every other morning to stock up on all the loo roll your arse seems to eat
  4. We are going for three short walks a day whether you like it or not – WITHOUT PHONES!
  5. Brush your teeth as soon as you get up you ming… or you won’t end up doing them at all!
  6. Have a daily shower you scruff, I don’t wanna see your gammy toes every day
  7. Don’t eat all the isolation food in one sitting you greedy twat
  8. We will eat lunch together every day to talk about anything that isn’t work or COVID-19
  9. Sex is banned until absolutely necessary – I will let you off when nature calls!
  10. Get off Depop! We could be in financial turmoil soon
Daniel Howell

Dan has since removed the post from the Facebook group, claiming he was getting too many notifications. He also admitted the list was a bit of a wind up, and he found it hilarious.

Either way, good luck in your quarantine Dan! You're probably going to need it.

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