Bulldog puppies reunited with owners after being snatched from Wigan home by burglars

The pups were returned by police with "the amazing power of good people and social media".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 2nd February 2021
Tammy Louise McKenna

Seven bulldog puppies have been reunited with their heartbroken owners today after being snatched during a house burglary last night in Wigan.

Tammy McKenna and her partner Paul were asleep when intruders entered their home in the early hours of this morning (Tuesday 2nd February), and only after being awoken by a knock on the door from police shortly after 2.30am, they realised the litter of seven-week-old puppies were gone.

Greater Manchester Police confirmed they were investigating the theft, and appealed to the public for information.

The missing dogs were among nine puppies the couple kept at their home on Shelley Street, in Leigh, and Ms McKenna said she believed that those responsible were “professionals”.

“We didn’t hear anything at all,” Ms McKenna said.


“The police were responding to a report of a break-in around the corner and noticed the double doors to our extension were wide open. They knocked on our door and asked if we had anything of value and we said the puppies were in there.”

She continued: “We didn’t hear any barking,”


“They knew what they were doing and have definitely just come for the dogs. They have broken the lock handle of the door to get in.”

Tammy Louise McKenna

Desperate for answers, Ms McKenna took to social media this morning to appeal for information and ask that anyone who knows anything regarding the whereabouts of the missing puppies gets in touch.

The couple were also offering a £1,000 reward upon being reunited with their beloved pets.


Ms McKenna said: “We just want them to bring them back.

“They are not worth anything without papers. We didn’t breed them to make any money, we were [just] keeping them within the family.

“They are loved dogs.”

And thankfully, their hopes for a quick return came true, as Ms McKenna confirmed this afternoon, in a now-viral Facebook post, that the puppies were found safe and sound, and were returned to them by Merseyside Police, with a little help from “the amazing power of good people and social media”.

“They are now safe and going into protection,” she added.


The brilliant news has seen the couple since receive comments of support and messages of relief from people all across the country, as well throughout the local community.

How brilliant is this?