Chester Zoo have had over 1,000 ‘no show’ bookings this week

Chester Zoo is urging visitors to let them know if they can't stick to their booking after over 1,000 people failed to turn up this week.

The Manc The Manc - 25th July 2020
Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo is urging its visitors to let them know in advance if they can’t stick to their booking after over 1,000 people failed to turn up to their bookings this past week.

The struggling zoos trying to get back to normal after the coronavirus pandemic saw it fall into massive debt.

They are also having to operate on reduced visitor numbers so that social distancing at the zoo can be maintained safely and since reopening last month, demand for reduced tickets has been high.

However, just like many bars and restaurants in Greater Manchester and beyond are experiencing, people are just not turning up to their bookings.

A spokesperson for the zoo told Cheshire Live: “Essentially, lots of people have supported us over the last few months and showed a lot of love towards us, and continue to do so by booking tickets, which is amazing.


“But on a few occasions this week we’ve had a number of days where more than 1,000 members haven’t turned up and visited the zoo – despite booking slots. 

“We know it’s not just us seeing this issue at the moment as a few other attractions, such as Kew Gardens and the National Trust, have seen a similar thing happen too.

“But we urge people to let us know that if their plans change, that they please, please let us know and cancel their booking.”