Cornonavirus home testing kits run out within minutes

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The government has now closed the scheme for the day to the public.

A scheme, which was launched by the UK government this morning to provide home coronavirus (COVID-19) testing kits for key workers, has now been closed by the government due to meeting the daily allowance.

It was confirmed this morning that a daily allowance of 1,000 home testing kits, which include instructions and nose swabs, would be made available from today for essential workers displaying symptoms of the virus.

A number of people had reported online that they were unable to request a kit from 8.30am.

Now, in a message to the public via the website, the government has stated that: "we’ve issued today’s allocation of home test kits".


"If you need a home test kit, check back here tomorrow, when more will be available."

"You can continue if you’re able to visit a drive through test centre."

It comes after Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced last night that any essential workers who "need a test, will get a test" and that those eligible, who are showing symptoms, will be able to book tests themselves online.

He further added that the UK now has the ability to carry out 50,000 tests per day.

Those eligible to apply for a home testing kit, or book a drive through test include:

  • NHS and social care workers
  • Police officers
  • Teachers
  • Justice system staff
  • Supermarket and food production workers
  • Journalists
  • Transport workers

A full list is available on the government website here.

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