The Manc - Council tax in Bolton is set to be raised in April"

Council tax in Bolton is set to be raised in April


Council tax is set to rise in Bolton this April - meaning taxpayer bills will be 3.05 per cent higher if proposals go ahead.

Bolton Council, which has a say on two parts of the bill, looks set to raise the adult social care precept by two per cent but keep the general levy at the same rate.

This comes after a 3.9 per cent council tax rise in the current financial year.


Speaking about the decision, David Greenhalgh, council leader, said: “We stood on a platform of an end to year-on-year increases. We feel that we have to honour that pledge. Especially in the first year that we are in control.

“The vast majority of people in the town don’t believe it’s right to keep raising council tax year on year when the level of the service they are getting is falling."

Borough treasurer Sue Johnson says that the council is on track to make around £23m in savings in the second year of its two-year budget, having cut more than £11m so far.


In total, people living in the average Band D property would usually pay £1,815.43 in 2020, but they will see that rise rise by £53.72.

A final decision on the Mayoral precepts will be made by Andy Burnham on February 14th (Valentine's Day).

Bolton's council tax proposals will be discussed beforehand at a cabinet meeting on February 10th with a final vote taking place at a full council meeting on February 19th.

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