Data shows Manchester is the car theft capital of the UK


More cars are stolen in Manchester than anywhere else in the UK, police data confirms.

Cheadle-based broker, Choose My Car, obtained the statistics and revealed Manchester as the highest vehicle theft hotspot by some distance - with 50 car crimes committed per 1,000 vehicles.

Choose My Car

The data shows that over 1,700 cars were stolen from owners, with 6,000+ reports of items pinched from inside vehicles.

Several drivers in the Greater Manchester area have also been victims of armed robbery in recent weeks, with criminals targeting victims via fake car sale listings on eBay.


Nottingham ranked second in the study with just over 29 crimes per 1,000 cars - closely followed by Bradford and Wolverhampton.

Bolton, Northampton, Liverpool,Coventry, Kingston-upon-Hull and Leicester also made the "top 10".

The safest place to own a car in the UK is apparently Luton, with low numbers of vehicle crime also occurring in Plymouth and Belfast.

You can read the full study here.

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