Disturbing model shows what home workers could look like in 2045

'Susan The Future Remote Worker' is a warning about what can happen if you don't take care of yourself whilst plying your trade at home.

The Manc The Manc - 6th July 2020

Millions of us have been home-working since March. And if it hadn’t been for the circumstances, it might have felt ok.

Dressed in sweats. Slumped on the sofa. Feet up. Snacks to one side. Netflix rolling over and over on a second screen.

However, 3D models portraying what home workers might look like in just 25 years’ time have suggested we need to change our attitude to WFH.

Experts from DirectlyApply, an online database that helps people find work online, have showcased ‘Susan The Future Remote Worker’ to audiences as a warning.

This is what can happen if you don’t take care of yourself whilst plying your trade at home.


Poor Susan does not look well.

She has bloodshot eyes and bags under her eyes from too much screen time, pale skin and hair loss from lack of vitamin D, repetitive typing strain and ‘tech neck’ due to being hunched over a laptop all day long, and obesity owed to a lack of movement and constant snacking.


She’s also stressed – having gone through prolonged periods with next to no human contact.

But DirectApply hasn’t introduced Susan just to scare us. They’re encouraging home workers to adopt healthier behaviours so we can avoid developing these ailments.

Some of the habit-changing suggestions include sticking to a regular routine, nurturing social connections (ie having regular face-to-face meetings), exercising regularly, taking frequent breaks, and using free time to get out for a walk.

Seems like it might be worth taking this advice on board….