Evacuations across Bury as River Irwell breaks its banks


Storm Ciara has caused the River Irwell to break its banks and evacuations of Radcliffe, Ramsbottom and Redvales in Bury are imminent.

The news comes as many parts of Greater Manchester begin to experience the worst of Storm Ciara which arrived in the UK in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Bury Councillor Tamoor Tariq has taken to Twitter in an effort to warn the people of Bury about the rising danger from the flash foods caused by the storm and the imminent plans to keep people safe are currently making their way online.

He tweeted:  "River Irwell has burst it banks in the last few minutes on call duty officers for Bury Council have confirmed.

It’s paramount those around Redvales / Radcliffe begin to take precautions immediately. A rest centre etc is in the process of being set up."

Above is footage submitted to us by Ramsbottom resident Naomi Twigg this morning and shows just how bad the flooding is in the Bury area.

It is paramount that people living and/or working close to the River Irwell take precautions and stay as safe as possible.

More to  follow.

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