Five arrested after former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith allegedly ‘hit with traffic cone’ in Manchester

Greater Manchester Police said that officers were on the scene of the alleged attack "within minutes".

The Manc The Manc - 5th October 2021

Five people have been arrested after Sir Iain Duncan Smith was allegedly hit on the head with a traffic cone during the Conservative party conference in the city centre yesterday afternoon.

Greater Manchester Police said that officers were on the scene “within minutes” following reports that the former Tory party leader was pursued and attacked while walking on Portland Street to a fringe event at around 4pm on Monday.

The force confirmed that three men and two women had subsequently been arrested.

It’s believed that Sir Iain Duncan Smith was making his way to deliver a talk with the Brexit minister, David Frost, when a group of people recognised him and proceeded to call him “Tory scum” and tried to hit him with a traffic cone.

A video posted to Twitter – which is said to have been be filmed after the cone incident – shows Duncan Smith being followed down the street as someone shouts “Tory scum” to the banging of a drum.


Recounting the events as they happened, Sir Iain told the BBC: “They then decided to follow me and started shouting abuse, such as ‘Tory scum’ and any other reason they could think of.

“I carried on walking and when I was getting close to the place [where I had a meeting] someone came up with one of those rather heavy traffic cones and tried to smack me with it in the back of the head.”


Sir Iain said he managed to get hold of the cone, and the group then moved away for a moment, but added that “they carried on with the expletives.”

GMP confirmed in a statement that the incident did occur, explaining: “Following a short foot pursuit, three men and two women have been arrested in connection with it, and remain in custody for questioning [with] enquiries ongoing.”

“I am big enough and old enough to know when something like this happens, you just carry on,” Sir Iain concluded.


The incident comes after thousands of protesters marched through Manchester on the first day of the Conservative Party conference on Sunday.

Protesters were calling for various reforms – including to social care and policing.

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