Greater Manchester Police reports a 50% reduction in house parties over the past weekend

Greater Manchester Police

Greater Manchester Police is pleased to share that it has seen a 50% reduction in the number of house parties over the past weekend.

This comes after the news emerged that officers were called out to over 1,008 public parties across the borough over the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.

Many citizens across Greater Manchester expressed significant shock at the reported figures, which included multiple household gatherings, BBQs and street parties, and it is believed that this view has been a contributing factor to the reduction of call outs since.

In a video posted on the official Greater Manchester Police Twitter account, PC Conor Gallogly shared an insight into the typical nature of call outs that officers have been attending to and stated that: "We've had to turn out and explain to [people] that this is a breach of the government regulations."

"They shouldn't be gathering with people from outside of their household because this increases the risk of spreading coronavirus."

"It normally takes us quite a bit of time to explain why this is the case, we've been struggling to get that message across and that takes us off our usual duties."

Whilst the constabulary is pleased to share the news that the number of calls to parties has significantly reduced, there is still a long way to go.

Public cooperation is vital to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

As it looks as though we once again set for another spring time scorcher over these next few days, with temperatures potentially hitting 20°C across the region, GMP is keen to continue reinforcing the message of #StayHomeSaveLives and is urging the public to remain at home for the weekend.

With the country now heading into the sixth week of lockdown, the police understands that people may be missing relatives and loved ones, but emphasises that we must "follow government guidelines in order to protect ourselves, our families and the most vulnerable within our communities".

Speaking on the Bank Holiday call outs, GMP's Chief Constable Ian Hopkins said: "Our message has been pretty clear, to stay at home and protect the NHS and save lives."

"We all need to remember these are real people. People have lost their loved ones. Families are losing people too early when they shouldn't be. Listening to some of the reports about what it's like to lose someone and you can't be with them, it's heartbreaking."


Please remember to do your bit this weekend Manchester - we're all in this together and we must adhere to government guidelines.


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