Gym staff horrified after someone ‘defecated’ and stuck shower head up their bum

Holben’s Health and Fitness

He wasn’t even a gym member either.

Staff at a local gym were recently left absolutely horrified to find that someone had ‘defecated’ in the showers and then proceeded to ‘stick a shower head up his bum’.

According to Kennedy News, Gym owner Ben Bardsley and staff members at Holben’s Health and Fitness in Stockport were alerted to and followed a 'vile’ smell that had stunk out the entire gym to discover faeces splattered throughout the four showers in the premises.

Holben’s Health and Fitness

The perpetrator, who was “absolutely raging and kept running, stepping towards and spitting” at staff members, had also broken off one of the shower heads to seemingly ‘try and find something in his bum'.

Ben, from Stockport, told Kennedy News: “The pictures don’t do it justice.”

Kennedy News & Media

“I only showed a little bit of it [in the photos] - there was poo all down four showers, bits of it up the walls and everything.”

Staff had no other choice but to clean up the 'disgusting' mess, which left them ‘retching’ and 'nearly throwing up' throughout the awful clean up operation.

Kennedy News & Media

To make matters worse, he wasn’t even a gym member either. Although if we’re honest, we’re not really sure if a membership would excuse or make this revolting situation any better at all.

After the initial shock, staff have been left understandably baffled by the strange incident.

You stay classy, Stockport.

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