The Manc - How to stop your trampoline from flying away during Storm Dennis"

How to stop your trampoline from flying away during Storm Dennis


The UK is only just recovering from the damage caused by Storm Ciara last weekend, but it's time to brace for more horrific weather as Storm Dennis edges closer to our coastlines.

Weather experts are warning that Storm Dennis is "likely to bring very heavy rain, flooding and disruption to travel" with gales of up to 70mph predicted in certain parts of the UK.

And while the storm has not yet arrived, it has already caused travel disruption with trains and flights being cancelled up and down the country.


British Airways has cancelled 40 short-haul flights to and from Heathrow on Saturday, with the routes to Amsterdam and Glasgow being worst affected – with plenty more cancellations predicted.

For the second weekend in a row the Met Office has issued 'danger to life warnings' for parts of the country.

The UK's national weather service has dubbed Storm Dennis 'the perfect storm' and says it poses a greater risk of widespread flooding than Storm Ciara.


Network Rail have even asked people living or working near railways to secure anything that could be blown onto tracks – including bins, trampolines and any other loose objects.

Runaway trampolines caused train delays during Storm Ciara's reign last week when high winds blew dozens of them onto tracks up and down the country.

Owners of these bouncy contraptions are being urged by Network Rail and RoSPA to safely store them away, "particularly during winter months when the wind can force a trampoline to become airborne".

Northern Rail

RoSPA said: "Tie down large trampolines - there are tether kits available that can be used for this purpose. With smaller trampolines, flip them upside down.

"Remove safety netting from enclosure or cage frames to reduce the sail-like qualities of the cages during windy weather."

Sound advice. Basically, tie down your trampolines, turn your bins on their sides and don't walk the dog near the canal – because we're in for another hefty one this weekend.

Click here to get an accurate reading on Manchester's weekend forecast – including the weather warnings that are in place.

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