How to watch David Attenborough’s daily BBC Bitesize geography lessons

Wikimedia Commons

A brand new teacher signed up to help during the COVID-19 pandemic recently: The one-and-only Sir David Attenborough.

Britain's most treasured nature writer and historian is appearing on BBC Bitesize Daily - an exclusive 14-week online series aimed at educating kids whilst schools remain closed.

Attenborough is, of course, teaching geography - offering viewers insight into how the world turns and the creatures that exist across the planet.

And he's not the only big star helping children learn in lockdown.

Wikimedia Commons

Elsewhere on BBC Bitesize, Professor Brian Cox is sharing science facts, and Danny Dyer is digging into the history books.

But how do you watch these lessons?

To access all lessons from a variety of subjects, head over to BBC Bitesize and follow the instructions. Similarly, you can access the BBC Bitesize lessons page over on BBC iPlayer here. 

There are six 20-minute lessons per day - all of which will be available on BBC Bitesize Daily via BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.