Hugely popular Oldham barbecue spot “The Old School BBQ Bus” now does delivery

Carnivore Style / Needpix

It's not exactly BBQ season out there right now. Summer has never felt so far away. So, why exactly are the meat grilling crowd dancing with joy?

It's because The Old School BBQ Bus has started delivering its amazing food direct to doors.

This popular Chadderton ranch has achieved regional fame for its fantastic food, live music and country entertainment, but until now, the only way you could chow down on their slow-cooked grub is by visiting the smoking pit in person.

However, the restaurant has now announced it is officially on Uber Eats - subsequently sending BBQ fans into delirium.

On the menu at The Old School BBQ Bus you'll find burgers, sausages, steaks, chicken, cheese, loaded fries and salads, and whilst the new delivery service is fantastic news - don't let it deter you from visiting the venue.

The restaurant serves up a knee-slapping, southern-style experience unlike any other in Greater Manchester, so if you're partial to a bit of good BBQ grub in lively surroundings, it's worth planning a trip to London.

Head over to their website to learn more.


Featured image: The Old School BBQ Bus

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